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Initiatives of this facility

  • Notice of efforts for the new coronavirus

    We are working on the spread of infection with the new coronavirus.

    To protect the safety of our customers and staff, we will continue to thoroughly manage hygiene.
    We will continue to operate with the aim of achieving both a comfortable stay.
    In addition, outpatients will not be able to use the lounge.

    Please see below for the details of the activities of this facility.
    I am looking forward to seeing you from the bottom of my heart.

Magazine publication information

  • Our hotel was introduced in 2 magazines

    Takayamaso Hanano was introduced in the Monthly Choice on page 21 of Kateigaho November issue (released October 1st).

    Takayamaso Hanano was introduced on page 95 of Richesse autumn issue (released on September 28).

To the world of primitive art. An adult hideaway wrapped in silence

  • Flowers as in the field · · ·

    Adults' hidden lodgings filled with flowers and art standing on Arima's hill.
    Inside the facility where the seasonal flowers and furniture were studded, it looked like a museum.
    Because of this scale, in a well-honed space of 17 rooms
    Please enjoy extraordinary time gracefully.

Hot Springs

  • Famous hot springs, Ginsen and Rokko scenery

    A famous hot Arima Onsen, one of the Japan's Top 3 Old Onsens springs in Japan and loved by Taiko Hideyoshi Toyotomi"Kinsen"
    It is characterized by a reddish-brown Nigori-yu to, which has a high heat-retaining and moisturizing effect because it contains a large amount of iron and salt.
    Warm your body from the core.
    It is also famous as a therapeutic spring, and among the nine designated ingredients,
    Contains as many as 7 ingredients.
    Please relax in the public bath "Hoshi-no-yu" which was renewed in the summer of 2018.

    Enjoy homemade plum jelly in the lounge after taking a bath.(From 15:00 to 18:00)


  • Seasoned season cake dishes

    For dinner, the main dishes Kobe Beef and Sanda Beef, which are local brand beef.
    We offer monthly kaiseki meals using seasonal ingredients.

    It is a beautiful and Dishes with nutrition that is particular about handmade.
    While valuing the stylistic beauty of Japanese cuisine, it incorporates uniqueness.

    Please enjoy an elegant meal with your loved ones.

Dining Hall

  • About measures against infectious diseases in the diet

    Restaurant Shikitei has 9 seats available.
    Each seat is separated by a partition to prepare meals.
    Please be safe and enjoy your meal.

    Ryotei Yuzan is a separate dining hall with 6 rooms.
    plan to use the restaurant, so we would like to inform you about it as well.


  • Feel the taste of Arima from the hill, silent time

    Please enjoy a relaxing time in a pure Japanese style room.
    It is a spacious room with 3 rooms on 1 floor.
    From the window you can relax and watch the hot springs town and the mountains of Rokko.
    Wild flowers are adorned between the alcove, combined with the beauty of the selected paintings and axes.
    It is a well-honed space.

Suite room with Ginsen"Futaba Aoi”

  • Sukiya suite room was born in the spring of 2024

    The Japanese-style room designed by Kyoto Nakamura Sotoji Komuten, the only master craftsman in Japan,
    It is a sophisticated space with a deep taste of wood, with a tea room design.
    The Western-style room has plastered walls, Cassina furniture, Simmons semi-double twin beds, and
    Ginsen's private hot spring features a Towada stone bath, cypress walls, and a 24-hour hot spring.

    It is a structure that values not only the luxury of appearance but also the feeling of spiritual luxury. 

    Spend a quiet and luxurious time while experiencing Japanese culture.

Access and tourism

Google Map

Hotel Name

Arima Onsen, Takayamaso, Hanano


400-1 Arima Town, Kita Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

Telephone number



10 minutes walk from Kobe Electric Railway "Arima Onsen Station".6 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop Arima Onsen.5 minutes by car from Hanshin Expressway Kitakobe Line"Arimaguchi IC"

Pick-up presence (condition)
Arima Onsen, we will call you to pick you up.
Guests can be picked up from 14:30 to 18:00.

This facility does not accept children under the age of 12.
In addition, there are two stairs when you come to the entrance and the hot spring in this facility.
This facility is non-smoking throughout.
Thank you for your understanding.
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