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Access and tourism

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Hotel Name

Arima Onsen, Takayamaso, Hanano


400-1 Arima Town, Kita Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

Telephone number



Kobe Electric Railway "Arima Onsen Station" 10 minutes on foot. Nearest bus stop Arima Onsen 6 min. On foot.5 minutes by car from Hanshin Expressway Kitakobe Line"Arimaguchi IC"

Pick-up presence (condition)
I will pick you up when you receive a call from Arima Onsen.Guests can pick you up from 14:30 to 18:00.

Arima Sanso Takayamaso Hanano Access

  • When using a car

    Access method 1: toward Osaka
    Nagoya / Kyoto via Meishin Expressway, Osaka to Hanshin Expressway ~ Chugoku Expressway"Nishinomiya North IC" ~ It is about 10 minutes to exit the toll gate

    Access method 2: Sannomiya direction
    Shinkobe Tunnel → Hanshin Expressway about 30 minutes Hanshin Expressway"Arimaguchi IC" go straight to Arima direction, there is a signboard when you proceed on the right side along Arima River


    20 free parking lots can be accommodated.
  • When using a train / bus

  • Surrounding map

       ·, Kobe Dentetsu, Arima-Onsen Station·· · ··10 minutes on foot
       ·, bus stop(Taikobashi-ue)·...·10 minutes on foot
        · bus stop(Hankyu Bus Terminal) · · · · ··5 minutes on foot
       · Seven-Eleven ········5 minutes on foot
       · Lawson·· · · · · · · ··10 minutes on foot
       · Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation(ATM) · · ··7 minutes on foot
       · post office·· · · · · · · ··10 minutes on foot
  • Tourist information

    Unkai of Takeda Castle(Castle in the sky) :Takeda castle
    I am impressed with you exceeding your imagination ... : Universal Studios Japan
    Kobe Sanda premium boasts the largest area of ​​West Japan · Outlet: Mita outlet
    Be pure, Correctly, beautifully… Takarazuka Revue:Takarazuka Revue
  • A journey to visit national treasure

    We will guide the owner's recommended national treasure information mainly in Kansai.
  • Gallery Tenshin

    Gallery Tenshin that made use of old temples.Ikuko Goto is the owner.
    Mr. Goto did not rely on a designer when making this space, but made it with only his own sensibility and aesthetic sense.The gallery is a mysterious space where medieval Europe and Korea truly misunderstood, but its original space, which is not a human being, creates a unique air feeling and has created a world.
    It is a 40-minute drive from Arima Onsen.Please drop in.

    Gallery Tenshin
    〒675-1114, Hyogo prefecture Kago-gun Inami-machi Kunani 1134-1
    [TEL] 079-492-8870 [FAX] 079-492-8870
    [Opening Hours] 11:00 to 18:00, "Fixed holiday" day and Monday
  • Traffic related to sightseeing

    ■ Rokko cable·Rokko Sanjo Bus·Rokko Ropeway Time·Fare information
      http: //kobe-rope.jp/cont01/cont01-02.htm
      【Contact us】
      ·Rokko cable, TEL(078)861-5288
      ·Rokko Sanjo Bus, TEL(078)891-0222
      ·Rokko Arima Ropeway, TEL(078)891-0031

    ■ Kobe Dentetsu
      http: //www.shintetsu.co.jp/

    ■ Hankyu Bus
      http: // bus.hankyu.co.jp

    ■ JR Express Bus
      https: //www.kousokubus.net/PC/index.aspx

    ■ Shinko bus
      http: //www.shintetsu-bus.co.jp/

    ■ Shinki bus
      http: //www.shinkibus.co.jp/

    Train / JR bus, 10 minutes walk from Takayamaso Hanano
    Hankyu Bus 5-minute walk from Hankyu Bus Takayamaso Hanano