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I will taste with the five senses ....
The concept of the menu is "Dishes with nutrition".
  • Seasonal Vegetable Kaiseki Meal Plan

    Hanano's basic kaiseki cuisine.
    We will arrange the seasonal cuisine which used seasonal vegetables abundantly.
    • Basic Kaiseki


      Appetizer/Juri/Bowl objects/Surpassing/Dish/A spirit(Sanda Beef shabushabu)/Vinegared dish/Rice/Pickled Vegetables/Dessert(All 10 items)
      18,700 yen/person(tax included)
      Period available:
      18:00 / 18:30 / 19:00
  • Special Kaiseki Meal(With Kobe Beef steak)

    Upgrade the Summer Cooking Cuisine.
    It is one of the most popular cuisines in the hotel, with a piece of Kobe Beef a strong dish (main dish).
    • Special Kaiseki(With Kobe Beef steak)


      Appetizer/Juri/Bowl objects/Surpassing/Dish/A spirit(Kobe Beef steak)/Vinegared dish/Rice/Pickled Vegetables/Dessert(All 10 items)
      29,700 yen/person(tax included)
      Period available:
      18:00 / 18:30 / 19:00
  • Nice breakfast of "Hikiage Yuba"

    Salt-grilled salmon of Japanese style, rolled eggs wrapped in freshly rolled fish,
    And, using soybean fresh soy milk,
    Please enjoy the Hanano Specialty"Hanano Specialty Hikiage Yuba".
    • Breakfast


      Hikiage Yuba and yudofu/broiled egg/grilled salmon/small bowl/rice/miso soup/pickled vegetables
      3,850 yen/person(tax included)
      Period available:
      8:00 / 8:30 / 9:00
  • Menu of this month

    Please understand that you may change menus depending on circumstances.

    Takayamaso Hanano Chief Chef Matsumoto Tetsuya
    • Monthly Kaiseki


      Rape blossoms, kiwi, and scallops dressed with sea urchin, boiled thin beans, yuzu citrus fruit, mugwort tofu, salmon roe, wari soy sauce, marinated white asparagus, cherry tomatoes pickled in salt koji, halfbeak dried overnight, silk pods, chicken dumplings


      Sakura seaweed and striped

      Bowl objects

      Egg tofu·A wife·garfish·Flower citron·Petal radish


      Udon noodle sushi


      Wildcand trees, warm snacks, mountain auction

      A spirit

      Sanda Beef shabushabu·Mizuna·Keikon·tofu·Enoki

      Vinegared dish

      Floral mountain ao and new jacin vinegared dish · cauliflower · brussels sprouts


      rice·Pickled Vegetables·Red-out


      seasonal fruit

Meal place

Enjoy an elegant meal with your loved ones at the chairs and table seats studded with flowers and art.
  • Restaurant "Shikitei"

    It is a restaurant style restaurant with 8 seats.
Families will prepare meals here.(Reservation required)