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  2. The world of flowers and art

The world of flowers and art

  • greeting

    • Please enjoy the flower world of "Nayere".

      In 1998, my encounter with a flower arrangement changed my view of the world.
      After that, I went to Tokyo once a month for about 20 years, and continued learning flowers.
      Walking through the facilities like museums, touching the seasonal flowers,
      We will make every effort to make it say "It was a very rich day."

      Owner, Takeshi Surugawa
    • Art time

      From antique art to contemporary art, exhibited everywhere in the facility
      Art and goods with different countries and times.
      And the flower of the field of "Narashi" quietly heals people's mind.
      "Hana is in the field", the hospitality with the heart of Sen no Ryo holidays
      The refined space looks like a museum.
      It approaches as close to the hand as you can, and you can easily appreciate the work.
      It will probably tickle the sensitivity of those who saw it.
    • Lounge

      ·Footstone with Java in Java, Indonesia(12th to 15th century)
      ·In the old material of Sulawesi (18th century)
        Crystal Glass Floral Arrangement(France · Baccarat antique)

      ·Drawing/Li, Yufan(Lee Woo Hwan)

      ·picture/Kurota, Seitaro

      ·Indonesian stone table
      ·Exhibition of tableware and vases of Kuroda Hiroshi built

      ·Glassware/Mishima, Rinsu

    • Entrance to the entrance

      ·Chairs of the French church (18th century) and Western Carta (Heart's Ace
    • Front of the entrance

      ·Tokoname large jar(Muromachi Period)
      ·Abstract painting/Nobuo Hashiba, Work, Three points
      ·Wajima coat chaise longue/Akira Akagi's Work
      ·White magnetic large bowl/Yasushi Kuroda, Work

    • Front of the entrance

      ·Abstract painting / Mikun · every work, and Picasso's vase
    • Entrance corridor(Below the stairs)

      ·France, Iron Lamp(Late 17th century)
    • The entrance to the window

      ·Lady care(China·Tang Dynasty)
    • Entrance corridor

      ·Yuichi Arimoto, Two prints, Or Robert Kutras(France)Two points

    • Corridor

      ·Tapa(Women's vest)
        Lee Asakda stone / bird of Sumba, and Dutch cosmetic bottle
      ·Entrance of silver container in Timor Island, Indonesia(The 10th century)

      ·picture/Edwina Liepman(England)

      ·Vase/Catherine · Meme(France)

    • In the restaurant

      ·Abstract painting/Hashidate, Nobuo
      ·Vase/Yayoi Doki
      ·Abstract painting/Former president, Fixedness
      ·Kake flower arrangement / flower arrangement made of palm fruit of Seychelles Island
      ·Printmaking/Kakei, Goro

    • Before restaurant

      ·axis/Lee Dynasty figure
      ·Tapa in Africa(Pygmy Tree Bark Cloth)
    • Vessel of Kuroda Hiroshi built

      I have a bowl and vase exhibition of Kuroda Hiroshi built in the lounge.
      Also, we keep seasonal flowers in Mr. Kuroda's flower vases in the rooms and corridors.
      Works that are white in color and modern, themselves are a piece of art and will give you a wonderful feeling of air.
      If it is possible once you can see, it will be drawn into the world of Kuroda Hiroshi built.

      Kuroda Hiroshi Kura said, in New York in 2008, was to be originating the work from YOSHII GALLERY.
      In the domestic, you can not purchase directly from now.In our gallery, we decided to end the sale.
      As we continue to use flower vases inside the facility, we can enjoy the world of Mr. Kuroda's white porcelain.【Kuroda Hiroshi built, (Taizo Kuroda)】
      Born in Shiga prefecture in 1946.In 66 years I started making ceramics at Canadian pottery gay Dumboudan home.